Global Outreach Day in Lesotho

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Global Outreach Day in Lesotho
Global Outreach Day in Lesotho
Global Outreach Day in Lesotho
Global Outreach Day in Lesotho

The Story

OUTREACH OVERVIEW: It was really a wholesome and vibrant event on that day. Our saints were very excited right from the trainings up to the implementation, where different homes and villages were visited and a crowd of people joined the fine walks taken with our flag raised high.


"It was something shaking our inner man, when we first heard about this event, that 28th of May 2016 is going to be the day for all of us as Christians to take an initiatives to approach people to share with them the love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. For some of us, it was their first time to take such a step. So there was something inside me asking if I will afford; however, the guidance and tips we were given during the training sessions encouraged me that it will be possible. And it was so, to see a person accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of his/her life through your encouragement and guidance is something special to experience. The name of the Lord be praised."
Mpho Sepaeee

"To go outside there where people live with the purpose to witness was something that seemed to faint away from us as Christians. This is witnessed by members in many denominations. So we thank God for this idea of Global Outreach Day which stirs up the church of the Christ to come back to the basics, where among many activities the church is expected to perform soul winning of each believer and it should be the number one in the list. God be praised".
Mrs M Mochochoko

"When I saw such a crowd of people who were singing those joyful songs, we asked ourselves about who they are and what makes them so happy like that! Again we tried to figure out the type of the flag they were rising, so we noticed that it was different from the others we used to see people raising. That makes us fascinated to come closer and join this crowd. And there we found the good news of the kingdom of Jesus Christ of which has resulted into transforming my life and me into a better person who now has a required relationship with his creator, our heavenly father, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Mr P Sekotlo

"How excellent is my God! My heart is full of joy after receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Some of EHC workers who visited my village gathered people together sharing the word of God to us and distributing gospel booklets. Many gave their lives to our Lord Jesus. We praise God by praying and singing songs together with our children. We really thank God for those blessings."
Daniel Mokali

"How marvelous is our God! On the 28th May 2016, a group of people reached our village with the gospel. They call that day Global Outreach Day. They divided themselves in to two groups entering every home witnessing to the people how God loves them by sending His beloved Son Jesus Christ to die for us. We were very surprised to see them. But they brought the glory of God to our lives and village. People surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. They promised us to revisit so that we can start new Christ Group in our village. We noticed how God loves us. "
Samuel Thebe