disciple for christ for all

D.venkateswaraRao,Disciple for christ ministry


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disciple for christ for all

The Story

Praise the Lord ,iam D.VENKATESWARARAO from visakhapatnam, India. Iam Hindu family my family daily praise to my village God.one fineday some body say Gospel in my family but my father say get-out from here my father tomuch dinker some days after my father suffering cancer iam went so many hospitals but no one can remove that cancer.my father no one can say and he went alone to church.and asked prayer request in pastor.my father said God as speak to me I want believe Jesus Christ .so my family all went church .on that day struggles start my family my relations all cutoff relationship for my family. But my family suffered so much struggles.but my family stand in Jesus Christ no turn back .one day my father expair within 8months my mother expair.iam elder son we are 4 children's we are alone no one can talk to me no job .so we are planning for sucide oneday.on that day God speak to me .don't feer iam here go and preach Gospel iwill lift up ur name .now iam preaching living saviour .my 2 sister iam done marrage .God with me my family iam doing gospel and preaching in forest area people's tribles very dangerous people's but God changed life now all beliveing Jesus .this area no one can go but God show this place iam went.so many witness is their I will send u.plz come visit my ministry plz prayer for me my ministry and support me praise the Lord.we are prayer for you. Thank-you.